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Thermocouples( Command Center Temperature Loggers)

COMMAND Center automatically collects concrete temperatures at regular intervals during curing. Construction teams use COMMAND Center to ensure concrete temperatures stay within an acceptable range using less man power than standard construction.

COMMAND Center sensors arrive preconfigured to automatically track and record temperatures. No initialization is required, so construction teams don’t even need to connect to the sensor during placement. Simply secure

the sensors in place, pour the concrete over them, and use the COMMAND Center handheld pc to read the sensors temperature history at any time.

Command Center Autocollect

How Does It Work?

COMMAND Center Autocollect uses a cellular signal to automatically send your concrete data to the COMMAND Center Cloud where teams can access it in real-time from anywhere, on or off the jobsite. COMMAND Center AutoCollector  reads sensor data through a physical connection to sensors or by Bluetooth connection to AutoCollect -Enabled SRMs.

Why COMMAND Center?

  • Automatically transmit data wirelessly to the COMMAND Center Cloud.
  • Receive real-time alerts via text message or email when your concrete approaches temperature limits or achieves target strength.
  • Sync project files automatically with team members and across multiple devices.
  • Protect files with user privileges.
  • Collect data from multiple sensors with a minimum of   one reusable AutoCollector.
  • Alternative download options and data redundancies reduce potential data loss.
  • Unlimited users and no license fee for COMMAND Center Cloud access.