Cut Technology


Concrete Coring & Cutting

Concrete Core Drilling

  • Hole size 6-1000mm diameter for any concrete thickness.
  • Horizontal, vertical and inclined coring.
  • Coring into 100% steel by using special type of core bits.

Coring Applications

  • Penetration up to 1000mm diameter in reinforced concrete. Corner holes for wall-sawing.
  • Large diameter coring eg. manholes and foundations.
  • Deep holes coring.
  • Coring applications in highly reinforced concrete.
  • Penetration for ducts, pipes and cables.
  • Opening for ventilation
  • Stitch drilling for breaches
  • Test Core

Concrete Cutting Using a Wallsaw

  • Cutting into reinforced concrete up to 730 mm thickness.
  • Beaches & Openings for window and doors.
  • Horizontal, vertical and inclined cutting.

Wall saw cutting applications:

  • Cutout and breaches for doors, windows shafts and piles.
  • Controlled demolition and renovation
  • Wall sawing.

Concrete Cutting By Using Wiresaw

Cutting into reinforced concrete with any shape & any thickness.

Wire saw cutting applications

  • Technical demolition of large structural.
  • Structural alteration and of building
  • Under water applications.

Concrete cutting By Using a Floorsaw:

  • Cutting concrete and asphalt by using floor saw upto 170mm thickness.
  • Cutting for the expansion joints.

Floor Grinding and Scarifying:

  • Grinding of concrete floor, marble and  granite for smoother surface.
  • Scarifying and milling the concrete surface for flooring system upto 50mm.

Concrete Barriers Repair & Paint:

  • Grinding ,filling the bubbles and smoothing the barriers surface.
  • Plastering and painting of the barriers.

Rebar, chemical and Mechanical Anchor Fixing:

  • Fixing all types of anchores as per HILTI specification.

Concrete Demolition By Using Breakers:

  • Demolition the concrete by using electrical and pneumatic breakers.